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Saguenay et les Monts-Valin, Domaine Le Jardin des Patriotes

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Rustic Rail Cedar fence

Garden Waterfall

Pond / Water garden

Creek / Stream

Positive Cold Storage Room

Wood shed

The Chicken coop / Hen coop

Aviary - Chicken run

Ramial chipped wood (RCW)
 / mulch / cardboard flowerbed

Kitchen garden

Garden of flavours / spices

Flower beds


Flower boxes / Planters

Deck / patio / terrace / Covered Deck

Garden Greenhouse

Walkway with pavers

Garden Arch Bridge for pond / creek

Garden path

Grow Seedlings table



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Domaine le Jardin des Patriotes - Garden projects -


Evolution of the garden
(annual pictures)

Garden insects

Garden birds


Other plants

Cold Stratification Method

Cleaning a wood deck

How to stain a wood deck

Pest / predators / plant disease

Garden directory

DIY Garden Projects