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How to build a Garden Pond or Water Garden

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Water Gardening Projects
Building instructions
  1: Delineate and dig a Fish Pond
  2: Installing Pond underlay and Pond liner
  3: Fill the Water Garden
  4: Landscape Backyard Pond borders
  5: Garden Pond Landscaping Design Ideas
  6: Planting pond plants
  7: Winterizing a Pond and Making a De-Icer
  8: Tips - Filters - Pumps and Pond Supplies
  9: Fish Koi and Fauna
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Building a Backyard Pond at Domaine Le Jardin des Patriotes
In the summer 2004, I had the idea to dig a small garden pond located east of the country house.

 The water garden is on a plateau, just before a small slope.

One dimension ends 30' X 19'
(9 m x 5.7 m), the backyard pond has a maximum 28" depth (2' 4" or 70 cm).
Pond - Garden Pond - Water Garden - Water Gardening - Backyard Pond - Preformed Pond

How to build a Pond - Water Garden Pond - Koi Pond - Garden pond outline
Garden Pond shape

Digging Water garden
Water Feature Ideas
How to dig a pond in your backyard:
After the plan on paper, I marked the outline of the pool with a small rope and wooden stakes. You can use a garden hose too. Then I removed the lawn.
How to dig a pond - Water gardening design and Ideas
How to dig a garden pond
How to build Garden Pond
Making Garden Pond
How to dig a pond in your backyard:
With no mechanical equipment, I began to dig with a round shovel. The shovels were emptied into a wheelbarrow. With this ground, I leveled part of landscape. Here, in this picture, for a simulation, I built a small temporary bridge.
Build ponds - Build Water Garden Pond - Pond filter - Fish Pond
Water Garden Idea
Backyard Fish Pond
How to build Pond and Waterfall
How to dig a pond in your backyard:
The brightness is an important factor to consider for installation place of a pond. There should be a minimum of 6 hours of sunlight to grow plants.
Build pond - Dig a water garden pond - Shovel
Shelving Garden Pond for keeping plants
Garden Pond Design Idea
DIY Water Garden
How to dig a pond in your backyard:
Several hours of shoveling were required to overcome the project. Note the upgrade moving to the left of the pond.

On top of the picture, the beginning of the pond waterfall project.
Water Garden - Small pond - Koi pond - Your own pond
Japanese Backyard Pond
Dig a Backyard Koi Pond
Water Gardening Building Project Guide
How to dig a pond in your backyard:
The pond will be built with successive shelves in order to remove the pond plants.
Water garden - Plan to build it at home - Backyard Pond ans supplies
Create Water Garden
Landscaping Garden Pond
Small Pond in your backyard
How to dig a pond in your backyard:
View of the intersection between the big part of the pond and the small part.

Here, the dimension of the garden pond is 11' X 9'. There will be a bridge between both part.
Dig Water Garden - The water garden - Aquatic gardening
DIY Garden Pond
DIY Water Garden
Create a backyard pond
How to dig a pond in your backyard:
Soil composition: 4" of Yellow Earth (10 cm), 7" of sand (20 cm), 1 foot of clay
 (30 cm.)
Building Pond - Water Gardening Design Ideas - Preformed Pond
Backyard Pond Design Idea
Create your Water Garden
How to build a Water Garden
How to dig a pond in your backyard:
Very clayey soil at depths of 2 feet
(60 cm). Peak, helped me overcome this soil.
Building Water Garden Pond - Fish pond - garden pond shelves
DIY Koi Pond
Backyard Pond Design
The depth of a water garden
How to dig a pond in your backyard:
View on the large part of the water garden with a size of 22' X 19' (6.6 m X 5.7 m).

For keeping plants, dig some shelves around the perimeter of the pond.
Pond - Water Garden - Dig a Backyard Pond - Water Garden Pond Plan - Garden Pond design
Backyard Pond Building Project
Japanese Garden Pond
Shelving Garden Pond for plants
How to dig a pond in your backyard:
Digging is over! It's now the time to install pond liner.
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