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Building Pond De-Icer System - Winterizing Garden Pond Heater Ideas

Keeping your fish safe in winter - Winterizing Pond Tips

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Water Gardening Projects
Building instructions
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  2: Installing Pond underlay and Pond liner
  3: Fill the Water Garden
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  5: Garden Pond Landscaping Design Ideas
  6: Planting pond plants
  7: Winterizing a Pond and Making a De-Icer
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Pond De-Icer system - Winterizing pond - Pond heaters
Material to make a de-icer for extreme cold weather
How to build a Pond De-Icer
Pond Heater Ideas
How to make a submersible pond de-icer:
I start up my pump support with:

- 1 Large plastic pot (green here) 24 inches high and 22 inches in diameter. (Will be used to support the pump, such as a table in the bottom of the water). The opening of the pot touch the bottom of the backyard pond.

- 1 Pond plant basket black hole of 12" X 12" in which I add 2 inches of gravel. Make a hole in the side of the basket to get in the pump wire.
Water Garden De-icer System - Winterizing pond - Pond Pump
Water Garden Pump
Homemade Pond De-Icer Idea
Winter Pond Maintenance
How to make a submersible pond de-icer:
29 October 2007:

It's snowing and the water garden already beginning to have a thin layer of ice.
This is the signal to install my Pond De-icer system. My pump Beckett 3500 gal / hour is ready for the winter.
I'm surprised of the quality of the pump is reliability.

This pump is used to do a dome of water that allow the movement of water which ensure the survival of fish.
Build your own Pond De-icer - Winter fish care - Release Toxic gases -
Submersible pond de-icer
How to build Garden Pond
How to keep your fish safe
How to make a submersible pond de-icer:
The basket is arranged and fixed on the big pot with wire.
Submerged Pond Pump - Pond De-Icer - Pond Heaters - Winterizing Pond
Pond De-Icer setup
Build Pond De-Icer
Winterizing a water garden
How to make a submersible pond de-icer:
Stones to stabilize the submerged pump.
Winterize your Pond
Installing a Pond De-Icer
Install Pond De-Icer
Build and maintain a garden pond
How to make a submersible pond de-icer:
The water is very cold (early November), I made a bridge with an aluminum ladder system to put De-icer in the water and not to freeze. Julius supervises the work.
Build a pond De-Icer Do it yourself
Preparing a garden pond for winter
DIY Pond De-Icer
Build homemade pond de-icer
How to make a submersible pond de-icer:
Pump Testing.
Pond De-icer Pump - Keeping your fish safe in winter - Winterize Pond
Pond De-Icer ready to be used
Cheap winter Pond De-Icer
Pond De-Icing solution
How to make a submersible pond de-icer:
Tips for winterizing pond in hardiness Zone 3B:

I took my pump and removed the pipe that leads to the waterfall. Then place the pump in the deepest area of the pond at a height where the jet could form a dome that protects water ice formation on a portion of the pond.

My pump has a 3500 gallon per hour capacity (Beckett W3500) purchased from Rona $ 225. The pump should run 24 hours a day. The minimum temperature in winter is -43 degrees celcius or -45 degrees Fahrenheit.
How to Build Pond - Pond de-icer - Winterizing kit for Pond
Pond Heaters or Pond De-Icer
Backyard Pond De-Icing Idea
How to keep your fish safe
How to make a submersible pond de-icer:
After a few years the system works perfectly. In this photo, the antifreeze system (De-Icer for pond) in November.
Pond De-Icer - Small pond de-icer - Plastic Pond - Preformed Pond
Pond and winter maintenance
Winter Fish Care
How to prepare a garden pond for winter
How to make a submersible pond de-icer:
The Garden Pond begins to freeze.
Ice on the Pond - Pond Heaters - Backyard Pond building
Winter Fish Care
Japanese Koi Pond
Tips to winterize a backyard Pond
How to make a submersible pond de-icer:

Plastic ring heating systems would be useless considering the size of the pond. Here we not only fighting against evaporation toxic gas to fish having a hole in the ice. We also fighting for the thickness of the ice at -43 degrees Celsius or (-41 Fahrenheit).

Laguna company about De-icer:

«Keep an area thawed and open in the pond, allowing the release of toxic gases from fish respiration and decomposing organic matter to escape, which is essential for fish survival. At the same time it allows oxygen to re-enter the pond.»

Pond De-icer System - Wiinterizing your pond - Creek De-Icer
Preparing Koi Pond for winter care maintenance
Water Gardening Tips
Tips for winter pond keeping
How to winterize  a garden pond:
The end of the creek I leave frozen winter. There are no fish in this section
of the water.
Allows Oxygen to re-enter the Pond - Winterizing Pond
How to prepare a Garden Pond for winter
Pond Winterizing
Build and operate a garden pond
How to winterize  a garden pond:
In summer, I use another water pump (Becket 5000 gal / hour) that goes to the second pond above (200 feet) located here in the end of the creek.
Water Garden - Laguna De-Icer - Pond maintenance
Having an area free of ice
De-Icer Idea for Ponds
Step-by-step building instructions
How to make a submersible pond de-icer:
Here is another picture taken on December 4, 2006
-20 Degrees celcius (-6 Fahrenheit).
The hole begins to close.
Ice hole Pond De-icer for Winter - Oxygen Fish - Keep your koi safe
Operate a garden pond during winter (extreme cold weather)
Submersible Pond De-Icer
For extreme cold weather
How to make a submersible pond de-icer:

Report on the state of my system to 23 January 2007 (hardiness zone 3b-4):

Several days under -25 degrees Celsius
(-13 Fahrenheit) last week. A snowstorm left  30 centimeters of snow on
the garden pond.
Snow covers the hole open water eddies generated by the pump.

In Conclusion: I will adopt this system for the next years with many fish this time. The two fish are in the tank now, I can not see them, I'm looking forward to spring to see if they are still alive.

Conclusion winters from 2007 to 2012:

This de-icer system works wonders. No fish mortality !

Fish still alive after adding my own de-icer!

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