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How to Build a Garden Stream or Creek Banks - Streambed Design Idea

Designing a stream water course

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Water Gardening Projects
Building instructions
  1: Making a Pond discharge
  2: Streambed Path - Digging a garden stream
  3: Installing geotextile fabric and Pond liner
  4: Put the gravel cobbles and stones
  5: Small Stream Waterfall
  6: Landscaping the stream banks
  7: Garden creek naturalization and finishing
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Pond Liner for Creek or Stream - Garden stream pond liner - cheap pond liner
Garden Stream Pond liner
Garden stream pond liner
Build realistic creek or stream at home
Path of the streambed:
20' X 50' Pond liner which I cut in half to make the flat part of the stream
(100 feet).
Build Creek - Install The Pond Liner - Pond stream liner - Garden creek liner
Meanders shape
Stream meandering design
Backyard stream landscaping
Path of the streambed:
Spreading the liner of the 50' first section.
Install a Stream Pond Liner - Water Garden stream design
How to build a backyard creek
Create a cheap Creek
How to build a stream bed
Path of the streambed:
First section of the stream in summer 2006 (testing). It's very imporant to design the stream water course.
Creek Meandering - Streambed Path - Garden Stream landscaping
Trace an outline of the stream bed
Water Course of a garden stream
A realistic water feature
Path of the streambed:
I removed the lawn of 10' by 175'. Manually is a hard work !
Like I said often: My garden is my training center too !

Meanders give the depth effect to the landscape.
Dig a Creek - Build a Brook - Artificial Creek Landscaping
How to dig a streambed
Digging a garden stream
Streambed excavation guide
Path of the streambed:
Digging the streambed trench manually, I had a thought for the First World war soldiers.
Water Gardening Stream and Creek - Rock Landscape - Digging streambed
Streambed edging design
How to dig a Pond stream
Streambed building idea
Path of the streambed:
Makeshift bridge. The creek / stream crosses the boyh part of the yard now.
We'll have to get used to circumvent its shores.
A Stream as Pond Filter - Natural Filter Pond Ideas - Pond bog - dig a bog
Create a dream stream for cheap
Backyard Stream Design
Making path of the streambed
Path of the streambed:
I had to go back to this place for moving the garden creek is level.
Meanders - Creek or Stream Meandering - twist and turn streambed - For landscape depth effect
DIY garden stream bed
Creek bed design
Pond Bog area
Path of the streambed:
Deeper (4 feet), the last 20 feet of the creek basin (20' x 14') will maybe the pond bog.
Articicial Creek DIY Building Plan - Artificial stream - Stream design
Passing electric wires under a garden stream
How to pass electric wires
Installing pipe under the creek
Path of the streambed:
Before installing the geotextile fabric and pond liner, there must be installed a pipe to pass electric wires.
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