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Building instructions
  1: Planning Backyard Path - Path foundations
  2: Installing the landscape fabric over gravel
  3: Edging path with round log timbers
  4: Plate compactor, finishing and outcome
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Building a garden walkways at Domaine Le Jardin des Patriotes
In summer of 2011, I decided to build garden paths or stone dust walkway in my garden.

Goal being: To give a natural look to the garden pathway and allow better circulation on the yard.
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Garden path - Garden Walkway - Garden Pathway - Build Pathways
Garden trail or garden walkway

How to lay a gravel garden path
Garden walkway designs ideas
Garden path foundations:
Remove the grass according the total width of the path.

Path bed: Edge #1 + path + edge #2 = width of material to be removed (lawn).

This path:

8" + 54" + 8" = 70 inches.
Landscaping Garden paths - Garden Path ideas - Garden Path designs
Digging garden path foundation
Path bedding ideas
Garden path construction
Garden path foundations:
Use 0-3/4" gravel for material to make the bottom of the garden walkway.
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Using gravel as garden walkway base
Path landscape design
Cheap garden path material
Garden path foundations:
Meandering path give to the garden a depth effect. It's useful idea for a small yard.
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Build a cheap garden path
Walkway Ideas
Crushed stone path
Garden path foundations:
Don't put 0-3/4" gravel in the log timber area (both sides of the path).
Garden paths yard - Garden Path Materials - Make Garden Path - Path for cheap
Meandering path
How to build a garden path
Garden paths and walkways
Garden path foundations:
The garden path length:

200 feet or 61 meters.
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Garden path designs
Flagstone path design idea
Garden planning ideas
Garden path foundations:
Using a gas compactor or Plate Tamper.
Landscaping plate compactor - how to landscape garden walkway
Create a garden path
Making Garden Path foundations
Leveling garden walkway with plte compactor
Garden path foundations:
The garden walkway begins to take shape. Gravel 0-3/4" being compacted. You can proceed to the landscape fabric installation. 

Using a plate compactor.
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