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Build Deck Balcony and Victorian Front Porch - How to Lay Decking

Laying Down Decking Instructions

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Decks - Garden Structures
Building instructions
  1: Demolish old deck and Install ledger board
  2: Screw piles to support the raised deck
  3: Deck framing - Floor joists & joists hangers
  4: Porch Decking
  5: Covered deck railing design and stairs
  6: Victorian Wrap-around deck design Idea
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Installing Deck boards - Decking - How to Build Deck - Patio Building Plan - Terrace building plan
Deck flooring
Installing Decking
How to build Veranda
How to lay decking:
Use 2" X 6" treated wood planks for decking the terrace floor.
How to lay decking - Deck Joists - Deck Beam Deck ledger board - Deck Lag screw
Pressure-Treated Wood Decking Boards
Decking Boards
How to install decking
How to lay decking:

Start decking from the beam to the ledger board.

The last board installed at the threshold of the wall of the house will be cut in length and will protect from the weather by a silicone seal.

Deck How to - Decking - Treated wood srews for decking - Deck Planks
Deck Flooring Ideas
Pressure Treated Wood Deck
Balcony Deck Design Idea
How to lay decking:
Use treated wood screws or galvanized nails to secure the planks.

The battery of the drill will be quickly used up for such work. It is recommended to use an electric drill for more power.
How to install Decking a Terrace - Decking Patio - Decking veranda - Decking balcony
Decking a Wrap Around Deck
Deck Flooring Instructions
How to build Wood Deck
How to lay decking:

Decking the wrap-around deck.
Use 2" X 6" treated wood planks.

Width: 58" (1,47 meter)

Decking deck - flooring deck - Installing deck boards  - Old style gallery - Decking Wrap-around Porch
Decking Front Porch
Decking Wrap Around Porch
Flooring a Covered Porch
How to lay decking:
Woodworking technique for decking covered deck floor corner.
Deck floor covering - Wooden Deck Plans - Laying deck boards
Laying down decking
Decking a Raised Deck
Patio Design Ideas
How to lay decking:
Deck with decking
10' ( 3,05 meters) planks.
Deck Railings - How to build deck railings - DIY Deck Railings - How to build a balcony deck
Decking a Terrace and Patio - How to build a deck balcony
Building Wooden Deck
Building a deck step-by-step
How to lay decking:
At this time, deck was not protected for the weather conditions. It will maintain the wooden raised deck.

Deck maintenance tips:

1. How to clean a Deck

How to stain a Deck
Deck Lattice - Patio Lattice - How to install Lattice
Outdoor Patio flooring
Deck Floor Covering
How to build a Backyard Raised Deck
How to lay decking:
Side view of the deck floor.
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