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How to Build a Cold Storage Room in a House Basement - Building Plan

Canning and kitchen vegetables storage Idea

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Building instructions
  1: The structure and ventilation system
  2: Installing cold storage room shelves
  3: Build the positive cold room vegetable bins
  4: Door switch - Removable shelves and Tips
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Building a cold storage room at Domaine Le Jardin des Patriotes
In 2003, I decided to build myself a cold storage room in my home basement.

The goal was to store garden vegetables, canning and canned beverages. Of course, one of my wishes was to be able to walk in the cold to access to the shelves (Walk-in Cold Room).
Cold-Storage Room - Cold room Building Plans - Canning room

Cold Room Building Plan - How to build positive cold room
Cold storage room framing

How to build a cold room
Basement cold storage room design
Cold storage room framing:
Serge Harvey gives me a hand to set up the structure of the cold room.
Using 2" X 4" X 8'.

Screwing planks of the walls on the ground with concrete screws.

Dimension of the cold room: 6' X 10'

Plan the cold room (forthcoming).
Cold-storage unit - Cold room structure and ventilation
Cold room in a home basement
DIY Cold storage Room
How to build a cheap cold room
Cold storage room framing:
Ideally, you should use a corner of the house to take advantage of two cold concrete walls. These bring the coldness of the room. For me, it was impossible to use a corner basement, so I will use only one wall to cool the room.
House basement cold storage room - Walk In Cold room - Canning Room
Cold room has a food storage idea
Food storage Idea
Walk In Cold Room Plan and Idea
Cold storage room framing:
Exterior finish gypsum of the cold room.
Cold Storage Room Idea - Positive cold room
Insulate Cold room door
Basement Cold Room
Home Food storage Idea
Cold storage room framing:
Exterior view of the canning room.
Installing an insulated 32 inches (32") exterior door .

Note: Provide space for opening the door inside the cold room.
Build a Cold-Storage Unit - How to build cold room - Canning room design
Cold storage room building guide
Cold Room Construction
How to preserve food at home
Cold storage room framing:
Rent a concrete 4 and a half inches (4" 1/2) drill bits . Spacing 10 inches between the two holes.
Cold room vents - Canning Room - Canning storage idea
Make a cold room vent system
Building Cold Room
Cold Room building instructions
Cold storage room framing:
Mineral wool in the holes waiting to install vents.

Holes are 7 feet (7') above the floor of the cold storage room.
Home Storage Ideas - Cold-storage room building guide - Walk In Cold Room
Building Walk In Cold storage room
Positive Cold Room
Air circulation system
Cold storage room framing:
Installation of PVC pipes.

This system of pipes used to circulate the air in the walk in cold room.

Hot air is exhausted from the top (left hole) and replaced
by cold air (right hole).
Canning cold storage room - Refrigerated room - Basement cold storage room
Basement cold room vent system
Cold room ventilation
Food storage idea
Cold storage room framing:
4" pipe PVC white.

Hose left only the thickness of the wall foundation.
Cold Room Design - PVC pipes - Food storage shelves
How to build a cheap cold room in a basement
Ventilating Cold Room
Cold room in basement
Cold storage room framing:
The pipe which brings the air is cold ground inches (6").

Installation with a PVC glue PVC ring adapted to receive a plug.
Cold Room Outputs - How to build Cold Storage Unit in house basement
DIY cold storage room
Cold storage room ventilation
How to install a vent system
Cold storage room framing:
Both outings ventilation pipes.
Ensure that outputs are equipped with mosquito screen.
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